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Running Campaigns

Ultra feminine and rock - discover the new Capsule Collection by Alessio Spinelli

Porsche Design follows a clear design philosophy: optimize function. Reduce the form right down to the essentials. Overcome the familiar to continually discover new and exceptional solutions. The vision that inspired founder Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche to create the legendary Porsche 911 is built on the same principles that have driven Porsche Design since 1972.

Quality and Design

True Italian craftmanship from Naples

Italian Excellence Maison

Italian Tailoring

A rich range of exclusive and innovative designer lamps that will give new brightness to your home.

Contemporary design icons, combining the approach to human and responsible light with a design and material savoir faire in a blend of next generation technology and old wisdoms, the perfect expression of sustainable design.

Synonymous of Men Elegance

Classy Collection by Alessio Spinelli

Steeped in the traditions of Italian craftsmanship that has always been the heart of the brand, Bottega Veneta sets a new standard for luxury for a collection of unerringly quality and sophistication.

Finest Italian haute couture for men

Canali: Classic Icon for Men

Unique made-to-order bicycles that combine innovation and elegance with a contemporary twist.

Bent glass furniture designed, developped and produced in collaboration with renowned designers and architects.

The history of Danese is a story of material culture, of suggested functions, and practical beauty. A history where design, craftsmanship and art merge to create striking objects that go beyond passing seasonal trends.

Since 1911, Trussardi is a synonym for luxury clothing and accessories designed for men and women with a specific taste. Discover the Trussardi footwear campaign, an eye-catching style yet sophisticated, experimental yet classy.

Highly innovative design products that are inspired by the attentive observation of everyday life.

Designed by Mrs Hilfiger, this line unifies the traditional Italian craft with the distinctive all American emphasis and brings you a collection of shoe and bags of exceptional value.

The frontiers of innovative research in ergonomics and design chairs with an award-winning style that evolved over the years, in response to users’ needs.

Lighting Capsule Collection

Uniting styles and cultural diversities in one universe, in which age and gender have no absolute distinction

Shirts of exceptional quality infused with Italian style to stand out in every occasion.

Elaborated prints, heavy embroidery with flowers and laces for styles that express unconventional forms of elegance with strong Mediterranean flavour and superior sartorial ability.

Pay with Rockercoin

We accept cryptocurrencies

Rockerpalm e-boutique is not just crypto-friendly, it is designed for the crypto-community. Our products and services can be paid using the major currencies such as Etherium and Bitcoin. We are constantly researching and scouting for new solutions to make your shopping experience with cryptocurrencies a more convenient and enjoyable one. For more information and support, visit or contact us at

Our anti-counterfeit system

Our anticounterfeit system assures the authenticity of your purchases through this platform as all the relevant information regarding your product will be tracked and registered on blockchain. Through our mobile App, you will have access to the relevant supply chain information and all the necessary contents created by the manufacturer to fully reap the value of our services.

Personal Shopping

Seek out new experiences and allow our dedicated team to guide you through our finest collections, from clothing to homeware designs. Designed to indulge and hone your inner epicurean, Rocker Palm's distinguished personal shopping service offers a sophisticated au fait to aid you in your voyage. To arrange for your privy treat, click on any of our shopping assistance icon here. Secure your exclusive shopping experience tailored to your every desire today.

Paying with Rockercoin

We will soon be introducing the possibility to pay for our products and services using our in-house cryptocurrency, Rockercoin. It will be an ERC20 Utility Token and purchases made with other currencies will be converted through real-time integration with major exchanges.