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About Us

Rocker Palm is a cross-border distribution e-commerce platform that will be the first luxury e-boutique that supports blockchain technology and encourages payment in cryptocurrency.

Rocker Palm intends to protect and promote excellence within the luxury sector of Fashion, Design and Food and is not simply an e-commerce, it is a comprehensive network of services designed to provide to a niche community their lifestyle of choice and overindulgence through:

  • E-Boutique: that offers a consciously curated collection of items from fashion to lifestyle.
  • Anti-counterfeiting: innovative tracking system that guarantees merchandise authenticity, transparency in its supply chain that will result in clarity during purchasing.
  • Private Club: that aims to provide each of our members with unlimited privileges and the opportunity to reap the benefits of our tailored services and exclusive products.
  • Rocker Palm promotes the art of La dolce vita; a representation of extravagance against delicacy, indulgence against tranquillity, the La dolce vita lifestyle is the pictorialisation of “the sweet life”.

    Shop for Luxury, Pay in Crypto

    Pedigree and authenticity guaranteed

    The anticounterfeit system designed by Rockerchain and adopted by the Rocker Palm e-boutique, is based on blockchain and guarantees the authenticity of every product that is being sold on the platform.

    The system will work with different technologies from visual to proximity, according to the value of the object and the extent of the user experience. The advance tagging system allows the identification and tracking of specific goods. The tag could be developed leveraging on different technologies such as QR codes or RFID and Bluetooth.

    The technology will be selected according to the value of the object to be tagged, the producer requirements and the type of UX to be provided to the end user by the producer. Every step along the supply chain (e.g.: manufacturing, shipping, sale, custom controls) will be tracked to blockchain, building the complete supply chain history. This process guarantees the products' authenticity, while the AI algorithm identifies incoherencies and highlights counterfeit products.

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    Pay in Crypto, Pay in Rockercoin

    Rocker Palm is an online space that is designed specifically for the Crypto community. The main currency trading within the e-boutique will be the Rockercoin (RKR) token, and can be exchanged with Ethereum. It will be a ERC20 Utility Token to purchase products and services on our platform and any purchases will be converted through a real-time integration with the main operating exchange on the market, FIAT.

    Rockercoin: the invisible money that buys you visibility

    Curated for a specific lifestyle

    Rocker Palm promotes the art of La dolce vita; a representation of extravagance against delicacy, indulgence against tranquillity, the La dolce vita lifestyle is the pictorialisation of 'the sweet life'.

    As the first luxury e-commerce platform on the market that supports payment in cryptocurrency, Rocker Palm will carry merchandises from luxury fashion to designer furniture and gourmet delicacies. Operating with the flash sales logic as our primary model, we will carry limited merchandises with exclusive promotions of limited duration that are accessible easily by our global market.

    Brands represented on our e-boutique go through a specific selection process and the curation process will be highly influenced with a specific community of individuals in mind, and we call them The Creators.

    The Creators are characterized as archetypes who have mastered the art of equilibrium, adopted a work-life balance, and hold a strong appreciation for the finest things in life. They are motivated by their emotional appetite, but are fundamentally ruled by structure and rationality and execute their purchases strategically.

    Motto: if you can imagine it, it can be done
    Core desire: to create things of enduring value
    Goal: to realize a vision greatest
    Rocker People

    Rocker People

    RockerChain has been founded by four Partners with experiences in IT digital market, Software development, Management consultancy and Services. One of our founder, is owner of Supernova and Italmondo; F. Pozzi Chiesa

    They currently sit in executive positions in leading corporations. The team has contributed in the launch, growth and development of more than 10 start ups in the IT field in the Italian market.

    Company Information

    Rockerchain SA

    Registered Office: Via Pretorio 9, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland

    VAT Registered Number: CHE- 276.903.817

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